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This is the story about CHOUSHU.
“Je tiens à mon imperfection comme à ma raison d'être.”
Anatole France “Le Jardin d’Epicure”

I always deem that the perfect beings are dull, those who are imperfect have their own characteristics though. Born with Rheumatoid arthritis, I’m suffering from chronic pain every day.
Due to a lack of treatment in the early stage, my toes were deformed when I was at a very young age and that was cruel to a little girl who wished that everything on here would be perfect.
Since I was ashamed to show them, I used to wear boots to cover my ugly toes even on summer days, even on the beach.
One day I received a pair of shining sandals from my mother,
they were too perfect to wear on my feet.
But my mother encouraged me to try them on by saying

“Your unusual toes have just made these shoes unique!”
Since then, I have let go of my burden. I started to accept my physical flaws and appreciate the natural forms of everything, perfect or not.
I’d like to share my experience and my attitudes toward the world by
presenting CHOSHU.
It's not a brand born for exquisite perfection
but a chimaera rose, whether a hybrid of static and movement, a meeting between past and future or a crash between frippery and luxury. It is rooted in flaws, failure, unbalance and distortion. I want my attitudes gained from my life, from my love of this life, a fragment of the imperfect existence. Such as Anatole France said that
" Je tiens à mon imperfection comme à ma raison d'être."


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