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It all begins with an idea or an image.
The process of realising it is rather slow. It takes time to talk to the idea, communicate with it or picture the ideal form in the head.
Then, the respect for the material, the expertise in traditional methods and the craftsmanship is as well considered. The choice of materials can represent the attitude of a brand. In CHOUSHU, the natural elements are indispensable: pearl, gold, silver and natural gems. In the creation process, their forms and characters have been kept and emphasised to the maximum: the solidity of precious metals combines with the roundness of pearl, a modern calling that fits in with the raw beauty.During the handmade creation, a delicate touch of humanity has been added to the jewellery, which creates a bond between the CHOUSHU and its wearer, a warm and intimate link.

Every piece of CHOUSHU’s jewellery is unique and one of a kind. Each collection is designed with the intention of creating timeless pieces that can be passed down through generations, with minimal waste and a minimal carbon footprint. Our jewellery is made with natural and responsibly sourced sterling silver and gold. Semi-precious gems materials are sourced responsibly as well. We aim to minimize waste in the production process.


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